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January 9, 2013
In This Issue
New Church in Namagi
Ashley Making A Brick
Lego Bricks on the Ground
Sifting the soil Lego Bricks
Group Picture of Members
George Barkes Laying Lego Bricks
Congregation, Jan 1, 2013
Vice Pres. Preaching in Lego church

Happy New Year to All!  I am taking this opportunity to show you some pictures of the new church recently built in Namagi Uganda.  The church is 30 feet by 80 feet.  Seth and Ashley Reed, Cody Wagens, and George Barks were active participants in the construction.  It took approximately one month to make the bricks.  On the site clay was used with about 10% cement added to water proof the bricks.  Each lego brick is 6 inches wide, 12 inches long and 4 inches thick.  They weigh about 25 pounds each.   The lego brick machine was purchased from a company in South America by the Great Commission Bible College.  It is currently being used to build 3 more churches in Uganda.  
New Church Built in Namagi Uganda with Lego Clay Bricks
What are Lego Bricks?
They are called Lego bricks because they are fashioned like Lego toys.  Each brick looks exactly like a lego toy except they are large and each brick weighs about 25 pounds.   The top of the brick has two lumps that are similar in shape  to a donut.  The bottom of the brick has two indentions that are the exactly opposite of the donut shape, so the bricks fit very tight together and do not require any mortar.  Mortar can be used as an option.  They are made with a hand powered brick machine shown in the pictures below.  Up to two bricks a minute can be made, but the average is about one brick every minute.  The machine will make about one million bricks before it wears out.  Cost is about $1700 US dollars delivered.  Machine is made of steel and weighs about 250 pounds.

Newly Constructed Church made with 6000 hand made lego bricks.  See pictures below

Ashley Making a Lego Brick
Ashley and Seth Reed, Cody Wagens, and George Barks spent about one month in Uganda preaching, teaching, praying, and doing manual labor for the Great Commission Push.

In the picture below you can see Ashley as she has just pulled down the lever to complete the construction of one lego brick.   A Lego brick can be seen as it comes from the machine.  The yellow hopper holds the loose clay dirt before it enters the form to be pressed into a lego brick. .
Making Lego Brick from red clay.
Ashley making a brick
   bricks on the ground
Lego Bricks fresh out of the machine

Seth and cody s...ake bricks.jpg

Seth and Cody sifting the clay to make Lego Bricks. 
after the workm...kes a pose
Group picture as the church building is under construction wth Lego Bricks

Pr George layin...the Bricks
George Barkes laying Lego Bricks in the new Church, Namagi Uganda

It was a tremen... in Namag
Inside the Lego brick church, Jan. 1, 2013.  Vice President Bill Patterson is the guest speaker. 

bill patt teaching the innerman
Vice President Bill Patterson Preaching in the
newly constructed Lego Brick  Church, Namagi, Uganda

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